Building Your Dream Container Home

Why choose a container home? 

When containers are on the back of trucks, it is hard to imagine that they can make a good home. The truth of the matter is that if they are used creatively, they can make a fantastic home for your family. The big question is why would someone choose a home made from an old shipping container? There are a number of reasons that can drive you to go for a container home. The most compelling reason has to be the cost factor. If you want to make great savings, a container storage home is a good option for you As long as you buy the used container, you will use minimal labor to modify the unit to your liking. During the modification, you will only need to buy a few building materials such as windows for your house to be complete.
If you are the type of person that prefers unique things, then the container home is just what you need. Since you are not limited to using one container, it is possible for you to arrange a number of containers in a creative way to end up with an extremely attractive house. Once you find out where to buy container homes, you can order the number of units that you need for your future home. Many people say they care about the environment yet they live a life of abundance and waste. With a container home, you can take advantage of used materials considering that many containers end up rotting in ports if they are not purchased.

Containers are generally stable and strong since they are built to withstand the pressure of the rough seas. As a result, you do not need to reinforce the structure and you can safely stack them up to build your desired house. You will be pleased to learn that the tough structure of a container can withstand environmental hazards such as hurricanes. Container homes are hardy and durable and will serve you for much longer than other housing structures that sometimes suffer fast wear and tear. Compared to building a conventional house, a container house can be ready in a day or two if you are in a hurry to get settled. Should you ever choose to move to another location, you simply have to truck your house to your new location. As more people opt for off-grid living, the demand for container homes has been on the increase. Such people prefer to locate their container homes away from the noise of cities in an area where there is no electricity or internet connections. Such people prefer to live in a self-sufficient manner away from obvious consumerism.

Where to buy container homes 

If you are wondering where to buy container houses, your best option is to contact large shipping companies. In case you live in a port city or a city close enough to a port, it is easy for you to drive to a shipping yard and negotiate a good deal for the containers you need. In case you do not live anywhere near a port, there is no reason to worry. By going online you can get a great deal on used containers from some of the popular e-commerce sites. A visit to Ebay or Amazon is likely to get you a wide selection of containers. The main advantage of shopping for your home container online is that you get to choose your ideal container from any location of your choice. Ebay and Amazon both have companies that specialize in the sales of used containers meaning you have a good chance of getting your desired unit. You are also likely to find a one-off individual customer that wishes to dispose a single unit at a very good price. In the event you do not get exactly what you are looking for on Amazon or Ebay, you have the option of visiting AliExpress where you are also likely to find a good selection.

Guide to choosing a good container 

Ask for a one-trip container - If you want your container home to look good, you need a container that is as good as new Unless you specifically ask for a one-trip container, the shipping company will naturally give you one that has done many trips. For this reason, when you are buying a container, make sure that you insist on a one-trip container and that is what you will get. You will be asked to pay a bit more but there is no doubt you will get value for money.
Factory paint - During your search for a container, you are likely to come across the term "factory paint". The term refers to a container that still has its original paint intact. The advantage of buying such a container is that you get an assurance the unit has not been refurbished and is thus in a better condition than one with a fresh coat of paint.
Find an experienced contractor - Before settling on the number of containers you will buy, it is a good idea to get hold of a contractor that is experienced in modifying containers for homes. The contractor will advise you on where to buy container homes and also the number and size of units needed to build your dream container house.

Cargo-worthy container - When shopping for a container, always look for one that has been labeled as cargo-worthy. This classification means that the container has been inspected and found to be in good condition. Such a container will make a good home because it has a sound structure. In addition, if the container has a "no shipping label" it means that it has a plain color and carries no label from the shipping company. It thus means that you can use the unit as your house without necessarily having to repaint it

Once you purchase a container, you need to plan ahead for details such as plumbing and insulation. Further, you need to place the container facing away from direct wind. If you want to connect the container house to the main grid electricity, you need to find a certified electrician to handle the wiring because it needs a high level of insulation. Having dealt with the above details, you can enjoy living in your new home.

 Build a container home

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