Starting Your Container Home Project

Building your own container home is a work of art. It starts with designing and planning of the whole project. The outlook and arrangement can change, but the total living space and appliances should remain the same. The layout of the home is what should change. Increasing or reducing the living space will affect the total budget allocation for the whole project.

Designing the container home project

 The design of your horne will give you a picture of how great it should look at the end. This is the time to test the colors you like, the external and internal decoration, the position and size of the bed, the washroom, the kitchen and kitchen sink, the dish washer, the laundry machine, and the living room. Get everything you need in the picture and position it exactly where you expect them to be on completion of the project. Each room should have its own sketch and dimensions. Once the conceptual design of the container home project is complete, you can start to plan and get information on the other aspects of the project.

The factors to consider in the container home project plan are

• Site and soil bearing capacity
• Zoning restrictions
• Maximum budget
• Site preparation requirements
• The binding code of your state
 • Professional help
 • Regional shipping containers

Site and soil bearing capacity 

You need to determine the exact site where your home is going to stand. Then decide whether you are going to use a concrete foundation or a footing to support your container home. You may also want to have your container house elevated if the site is not well drained. This will protect the container home from ground moisture.

Zoning restrictions 

Before you invest you money in the container home project, you should contact you area building and construction department. They will give you detailed information on the type of building constructions permitted. This is also important if you plan to mortgage the home, which will require a Certificate of Occupancy.

Maximum budget

 A budget is a must for any project. You should have a figure in mind that you are ready to commit to this project. Then you can work around it to get the best budgetary allocation for the container or containers, the foundation, household appliances, insulation fittings and other installations for your container home project.

Site preparation requirements 

The type of foundation to use will determine the kind of site preparation you have to do. You also have to bear in mind you need a space that is large enough to accommodate the delivery of the containers. If the space is not enough for the delivery truck, you might have to hire a crane to get the container in position.

The binding code of your state 

The binding code of your state will affect the amount of modification and joining you can do to the containers. You can mention it passively as you mention other requirements and hear what the area building and construction department has to say about it

Professional help

 During the actual container home project construction, you might need the help of plumbers, electricians, welders, etc. These will help in container installation, container wall fabrication, modification, installation of appliances and accessories, as well as joining two or more containers. Remember, whether you are going to mortgage the home or live in it, safety is important.

Regional shipping containers 

Finally you will need to get reliable container suppliers or transporters who will ship the container to your site and probably help in positioning them as well. Get inside the containers to get a feel of the space before shipping them in Also try and inspect for any weakness. If you are not sure, a container expert will help you in getting the best container.
If you are not sure how to go about it, please contact us. We will help in building your container home project, every step of the way.

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