Sliding Side to Cover Bay Windows

Who doesn’t want to get the bliss out of weekends after a hectic routine? Everything comes sailing when you have a heavy pocket and can afford a small house at a prime location, appealing to your sight.
Sight-seeing enthusiasts have always been eager to secure the parameters of an eye-goggling vicinity - small container houses are trending nowadays as it diminishes the heavy cost associated with building the structure of a brick house, a family could build this structure on their own and the hardcore budget is usually spent on embellishing the interior and surroundings.
Nature geeks usually prefer to build up their ‘part-time’ house at riversides or mountainous terrains, the core part of their interior lies in the bay window since that is the view for which they have spent clocks and wallets!

Sliding windows are trending now, up beating the casement windows as they look flashy and give more room for air circulation, if you have built the house at a riverside and keenly want to relish the riverside breeze. Sliding windows come with several options to suit a container house. Firstly, most of these have a solid wooden interior, thus it gives a lavish look and you could also select a color of your choice for your window’s interior, matching your container’s interior, then most of the manufacturers give a lifetime warranty for windows hence you do not have to worry about the breakage issues due to strong winds along the river. One of the greatest possible feature (some manufacturers offer) is that some of the windows come up with button and/or smart touch to open and close the window so you do not have to put in any energy, just push the button during odd times and your container will be ‘packed’ again.
At times, you might also want to encase the whole container under several situations, for doing that, it would be great if the river facing side of your container has two metal sheets running sideways and encased in a weather resistant metal casing above the original sheet. This two divisions should be fixed one at each side of the window so that whenever there is a storm (or any situation), you could just pull it out through the handles and lock it against the window and here you go – your container is again packed!

To make it cozier, use a rod (color choice is up to you) and hang curtains on it (number of curtains = number of window panels) to add more softness to you interior and create a luxurious environment when the wind prevails near the riverside, along with inside mounted 2″ blinds for privacy.
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