The Little Cottage Colonial Panelized Garden Shed Review

The Little Cottage Colonial Panelized Garden Shed. For the outdoor type a garden shed is an integral part of any home. Whether you want to use it for storage, pursuing hobbies or just getting some time to yourself having a good shed is important. There are plenty of decisions that need to be made when it comes to a man's favorite add on, you want to find something aesthetically pleasing, effective and safe. It needs to be weather proof, and protect whatever you put in it. You need to find something simple, and easy to assemble and maintain. I recently purchased The Little Cottage and couldn't be happier.


Assembly is a little complicated and only a true craftsman should attempt to do it alone, but the panelized pre-cut wood panels will save significant assembly time. The clearly detailed instructions resulted in me having this done in short order. All hardware needed to assemble are supplied with the kit and accompanied with customized louvers and windows, so you shouldn't need to cut or customize anything. While your less handy craftsman may want to consider hiring out the job anyone who knows what they're doing can pick it up soon enough.


The cottage is built from high-quality composite materials that can withstand even the toughest treatment. There's no risk of slipping with a tool or having an accident and doing any real damage to the shed. The construction is sturdy enough that the day to day wear and tear that comes with work won't hurt it. Bottom line is, unless there's a hurricane or you're actually trying to tear it down the little cottage should stay up just fine. It's been used for just about everything a shed can be used for and there's no significant damage so far.


Once it's up and you know it's staying up there's plenty you can do with this shed. With its logical design there isn't really anything you can't do that you can do in any other shed. Whether you want to use it for hardware, or just a place to get away the Little Cottage does the job. It's peaceful, safe and the material involved is easily customizable. Whether you want to add extra space, a vent or equipment for storage you can do whatever you want with it.


It's a primary piece of my backyard view and whenever I look out from my living room window I know that not only I, but all the people around me are able to appreciate the simple, effective design. It's a boost to be able to look out at a sanctuary for myself, and from the inside I've got it set up just how I like. It's interesting form the outside, cozy from the inside and makes an awesome addition to the backyard.If you're looking for a great garden shed then this is the right shed for you. This is so much more than the average shed. A uniquely designed, aesthetically pleasing, long lasting property and I'm sure you'll be as delighted with this design as I am.

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