The Baby Shield Offers Less Mess and More Love When Handling Your Baby

Much like how we featured the DIY vasectomy kit a few months back, we'll also be upfront that the Baby Shield is of course not a real product, but in fact a prank gift box that allows you to put your real gift inside the box and astound anyone that opens it. The company makes a slew of different hilarious prank gift boxes that'll make opening gifts this Christmas even more enjoyable as you see their initial reactions.

A perfect gift idea for any new parent, the Baby Shield shows on the box just how useful it can be not only for changing diapers, but also while just handle your baby day-to day, greeting stray animals, preventing sawdust from getting in your eyes while sawing wood, playing with your sick child, and more.

Made to look like party of a bubble-boy-like protection bubble, the Baby Shield works by simply slipping your hands through the arm openings and using the attached protective shield to block any urine, poo, puke, or other nasty things from entering your personal space. It'll allow you to give love to your child without all the mess usually connected to said love.

The Baby Shield bubble boy shield for new parents offers 550 square inches of protection using the 60-gauge marine vinyl transparent screen shield, and the silicone cuffs attached securely to the shield ensure no leaks from your baby's side of the shield will ever make their way towards your side.

In reality, this hilarious Baby Shield prank box makes the perfect way to sneak a real gift like a sweater, socks, or other mundane gift into a real gut-buster of a gift opening. As they open the gift, the inside flaps of the box reveal that it's all been a prank as they slide their actual gift out from the prank box.

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