5 Methods to Insulate Your Shipping Container Home

 Before we study the 5 techniques you may use to insulate your shipping container home, the first query we want to cope with is whether or not you ought to insulate your container home or no longer. I will’t stress enough the importance of insulating your home. Although the option of not insulating might seem an appealing, less expensive opportunity, in the long run it in reality isn’t price powerful.

In case you don’t insulate your field no longer simplest will your home be either sizzling warm or arctic bloodless, your house may also be vulnerable to condensation, which could reason corrosion or mould.

Now you recognize the importance of nicely insulating your house, i hope you decided to insulate!

Climate, climate, weather!

When it comes to the techniques used to insulate your house, the only aspect to undergo in thoughts during this whole publish is: it all relies upon in your climate!

For example- in case you are in a very bloodless weather, you’ll need lots of insulation to hold your property warm and additionally, more importantly, to guard your containers against condensation. If this cold environment is also prone to masses of rain and could be very wet you then would need to apply spray foam insulation to create a seamless vapour barrier.

Whereas, in case you are in a totally dry, warm, climate, you certainly received’t need lots insulation and you need to attention on designing your insulation round retaining your container cool (see the section under on design or study: how do i preserve my field home cool?).

Whilst reviewing the strategies of insulation underneath, preserve this trouble approximately climate variations on your thoughts and sense free to invite any questions within the comments under!

On the subject of the forms of insulation you could use, you have five main options: you could use foam, blankets (rolls), insulation panels, green and eventually, layout (more about this later!).

5 Methods to Insulate Your Shipping Container Home

Foam insulation

In case your budget allows, i might pick out to apply spray foam insulation. The use of spray foam insulation guarantees you get a continuing vapour barrier of insulation- this helps to prevent against such things as corrosion and mould.

Spray foam is by means of some distance the quickest approach of insulation, and in most cases affords the highest r rating (the r score is how well the insulating fabric can face up to heat waft; the better the quantity the extra the resistance). In addition, spray foam is noticeably bendy and can be sprayed into gaps of any length.

The best drawback of using spray foam insulation is that it’s more steeply-priced and lots messier to match than maximum of the alternative insulation strategies which we speak later.

For the spray foam some thing much like the dow froth pak six hundred could be best. That is a two-component combination, and every inch of foam implemented gives an r value of seven.5. If you aren’t searching out an industrial answer you should purchase hand operated spray foam including- dow super stuff foam insulation. Whichever spray foam answer you pick out, ensure it’s closed mobile polyurethane foam.

Spray foam insulation can be implemented on each the external and internal partitions of your packing containers; you may also spray it beneath your container to forestall any moisture from the floor creeping into your packing containers.

As soon as the froth has set you may then enhance instantly onto the foam with paint to complete off the external appearance of your packing containers!

Insulation panels

Panel insulation is the maximum diy friendly sort of insulation and like blanket insulation, it calls for stud partitions to match. You could buy the panels at predefined sizes and absolutely match them in among the gaps for your stud walling. Panel insulation is faster to healthy than blanket insulation; however you normally discover panel insulation is slightly extra pricey.

One issue you have to endure in mind, however, is that panel insulation has a high insulating cost for its exceedingly small depth. Relying on the logo and specification, for each inch thickness they typically have an r cost of 7.5. So, in case you don’t need to spend quite a few money for foam insulation, panel insulation will assist you to hold the thickness of your insulation to a minimal at the same time as being reasonably priced.

Blanket insulation

Blanket, or roll, insulation is diy friendly and is the most inexpensive of the insulators discussed right here. It calls for stud walls to area the insulation in, but once the stud partitions have been geared up the insulation may be located within the gaps right away. The maximum common blanket insulation is mineral, and also you probable are aware of it as rock wool.

The only problem you will find with this type of insulate is becoming it; some sorts of blanket insulation are made from fibreglass so that they want to be dealt with with care. If you are becoming this form of insulation make sure you put on the perfect non-public defensive system (i.E. Dusk masks, gloves, defensive closing and safety glasses).

If value is your primary situation i’d pick out this insulation, however if feasible, i’d once more endorse the use of spray foam insulation so you can create a continuing vapour barrier.


As we observed in our remaining weblog publish, why do humans stay in transport container homes, the second one maximum not unusual motive humans stay in transport containers is because they want to construct houses in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner.

So what higher way to preserve this topic than to use green insulation to insulate your house?

Over recent years increasingly green insulation has become to be had and some of our favourites encompass: wool, cotton, dust and a living roof.

Wool insulation

Wool insulation is much like the blanket insulation mentioned above. However instead of using controversial substances such as fibreglass, it makes use of natural sheep wool which may be made for a fragment of the power necessities used to make its synthetic counterpart.

Cotton insulation

Once more like wool, cotton insulation is a kind of blanket insulation; it’s far constituted of recycled cotton garments.

So what makes cotton so environmentally friendly? Well, it’s a herbal, renewable resource which may be grown extremely brief. The handiest apparent disadvantage to cotton insulation is, it fees double that of everyday fibreglass insulation.

Living roof

Creating a residing roof isn’t a direct replacement on your insulation, however it may definitely be used to assist reduce your indoor temperatures throughout the summer time.

At some point of the wet seasons, a dwelling roof gives no insulation benefits, however for the duration of heat summers indoor temperatures can be decreased through up to eight percent. Not handiest that- how cool do they look!?

A good deal better than a traditional sloped roof i’m certain.

Dust walls

Mud, can be used as an insulator or it could be used to build whole houses on its own. Plenty much like the living roof mentioned above, dust can be utilized in dry-warm climates to keep warmness out.

This has historically been performed for hundreds of years in places like north india, wherein complete homes are cladded with mud.

With shipping containers, mud can be used at the bins roof and additionally on the packing containers partitions. In case you are the use of dust on the containers external partitions you’ll need to use battens to be able to permit the mud to stick to the container.

The usage of mud is best endorsed in places wherein rainfall is scare.


Your very last choice is to genuinely layout your house in any such way that it cools/heats itself. The fine instance we have visible of that is vissershok number one faculty in south africa.

Vissershok number one faculty decided to increase their faculty by making stand-alone school rooms out of shipping containers.

For the duration of the summer season outside temperatures in south africa can reach in excess of 86 fahrenheit, so it became important that the bins were insulated properly to forestall them heating up like a inexperienced residence. The solution to this become to layout the packing containers in any such manner to use the natural environment to chill the container down.

They constructed the school room with a massive sloped roof which does two things: first of all, it lets in hot air to upward thrust up and out of the container. Secondly, bloodless air blows in and gets pushed down through the roof into the lecture room.

Every other design used to assist maintain the bins cool turned into to area plenty of small home windows on each aspects of the field. When the windows are open, it lets in cool air to blow throughout the container taking the nice and cozy air out of the container.

One thing to bear in thoughts here is which you don’t must use a positive type of insulation completely. As an example you may use spray foam insulation for the field partitions and roof, and then use rock wool beneath the containerto hold the value down. You may even integrate insulation at the identical section, for example you could use rock wool at the below of the container and then spray an inch of froth over the rock wool to create an airtight seal.

The great shipping containers use a selection of insulation methods that have been specially chosen to satisfactory meet the desires in their nearby weather.

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