Harm Free and Long Range Spider Catcher

Often times when I find a spider somewhere in my home, I contemplate if it would just be worth it burn down the entire house and start fresh instead of having to deal with the spider. Reluctantly, my wife just gets the spider for me while I cower in the corner instead. This long-range spider catcher allows you to scoop up spiders without having to feel their girthy bodies with your fingers underneath a napkin or tissue paper


 Not just for spiders, the catching contraption can also be used on various sized bugs such as cockroaches, bees, wasps, centipedes, and even scoropions that will no doubt be roaming around your walls and ceilings in no time. The spider catcher is able to catch both very large and very small sized bugs with ease, and measures 27.2 inches long x 6.9 inches wide x 0.9 inches thick.
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