Nayo The Corgi Corgi Butt 3D Mouse Pad - Original design owner

When it comes to corgis, the thing that everyone loves most is of course those booties.  A corgi just loves to shake their butts when they're excited, and it's pretty much the most adorable thing ever. This is why people make products like corgi butt cookie cutters, a corgi butt purse, and of course this corgi butt mouse pad. The weirdly hilarious corgi mouse pad will make sure everyone around your work area knows just how much you love corgis!

Cute and unique Corgi gaming or office mouse pad that can even be used for gaming
High quality and it assists a smooth operation of the mouse
Detailed cartoon graphic of the cutest corgi postures and expressions
DIMENSIONS: 10.5x8.5x1.5” WEIGHT: 11.4 oz
Nayothecorgi is the only official reseller of Cooper Brand - the original designer of this piece

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