Convert any plastic container into a planter

There are many advantage of turning plastic containers into garden planters. You are not limited to the conventional container sizes. You are not limited to the conventional container colors. You are not limited to the conventional container shapes. The main thing for me is price.

One thing you will notice immediately at the garden shop is that as containers get larger in size they also carry a larger price tag. A stop in the plastic bin section of any mega-store will present you with tons of container options. The bins will come without drainage holes and will be a fraction of the price of similar items in the garden section.

When looking for bins to convert to planters, make sure you pay attention to the thickness of the walls. Thin containers can rupture from the weight of the soil, water, and plants it will hold. Wall thickness may also come into play when you attempt to move the container. Also, is there a lip or handles that will help you move it easily if needed?

You will also want to check to make sure that the container is food grade. Check the bottom for the recycling symbol. You want containers marked as #2. This type of plastic will not leech into nor react with food products. This also means that this type of container is it will not react with the soil or water either. Your plants will be safe and can be organically grown in this type of plastic.

A drill and an assortment of drill bits is all that is needed once you get your new containers home. Just drill some drainage holes in the bottom. Be careful to not apply too much pressure to the plastic when you first start drilling. You may crack the bottom of the container if you do.

You can use regular drill bits on small containers. On larger ones you would do best to use 1/4 to 1/2 inch bits. These large width bits look a little different and actually cut the hole instead of 'drilling' it. The pointy portion of the bit will bore a small guide hole and the wings on the bit will do the actual cutting of the hole. You probably have 1/4 to 1/2 inch bits already. If you don't have one then just get one at the hardware portion of the same mega-store.
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