Medieval Knight Toilet Paper Holder

You can't believe only anybody to hold your bathroom tissue for you, yet one individual you can trust to carry out the responsibility, is a knight. They're steadfast, dependable, and willing to carry out the responsibility for thy ruler regardless of how rank the assignment. This Medieval Knight Toilet Paper Holder is a Knight in sparkling protection that you can mount to the divider in your restroom and he will hold your tissue for you while you poop like a genuine ruler.

Guarantee thy position of authority as thy possess, while ye worker do as thou shrivel before ye breeches turn dark colored. The knight tissue holder is hand-thrown utilizing genuine smashed stone reinforced with solid fashioner pitch which gives it an overly practical look.

The knight bathroom tissue holder is hand painted, and completed with pewter to make it look like genuine sparkling shield, it gauges 4 lbs, and measures 7 inches x 13 inches x 9 inches.

Not exclusively is there a knight tissue holder, yet a similar organization likewise makes a monster bathroom tissue holder alongside a figure of deformity bathroom tissue holder. Along these lines you can place one in every one of your washrooms and have an entire medieval topic all through the majority of your chamber pots.

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