Container Gardening for Newbies

Afraid of food poisoning? Rest assured that you no longer have to live in fear of E. Coli or salmonella. How can you do this? Use container gardening! You don't have to be a hobbyist or a hardcore gardener to appreciate the simplicity and helpfulness of a container garden.

Several people say that they're against container gardening because they claim it costs too much, or consumes up too much time. Neither is true, and we'll tell you how to make one and the actually prices associated with the creation of a container garden.

First, you have to buy your supplies. The total cost should be under twenty dollars if you have a place that plants can receive sunlight from. If not, you'll need light bought from a store-around fifteen to twenty extra dollars.

Your supply list is as follows:

Three plastic-based pots with holes used for draining out earth and water. They should be ideally five or six inches in span, and five or six inches down, allowing you plenty of room for soil. One pack of basil seeds, a relatively small holder of compost, one simple bag of peat moss, a single garden trowel, a watering can, and a source of light later will set you off on your container gardening creation.

Your second step is to start planting the peat moss with compost (1:5 part ratio), and fill three pots, ending the pouring roughly below ½ an inch of the top of the pot with the newfound soil.

Thirdly, plant your plant-starters in the dirt, and make holes about an inch below in the middle of each pot using your index finger. Three seeds should go in each inch deep hole and be covered. After watering lightly, allow them to sit in front of your desired light source, and once the seeds begin to germinate into plants, clip extra sprouts once they've reached 5.08 centimeters.

The last step is to maintain them regularly, watering whenever they feel or look dry. In order to maximize growth, feel free to pull of the tips of each plant's stem once in a while and take out any plant twigs you see.

In four easy steps, you've made your container garden! You can plant many other things such as herbs, flowers, or other-we gave you only one out of several examples you are welcome to explore. With a few brief modifications, you can grow anything you wish.
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