Healthy Indoor Plants

Plants do not just belong in the garden, so it's easy to forget about those plants that provide you with year round pleasure, your house plants. Neglect them now and you will miss out on their beauty during the latter months of the year when your garden has shut down, and you rely on indoor plants to lift your spirits.

Plan your pot changes and top dressing in good time. Set some time aside to think about the plants in your home and how you could improve them. Have any gown too large for their pot? If so, they will need repotting into a larger container, and this is a good chance to use a water retaining, nutrient-ric compost such as Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Compost. Those that don't will love you for getting a good topdressing, that is replacing the top inch or so of compost. The ideal time to do this is at the start of the growing season, so read up and get to know your indoor plants' growing cycles. A final step is to, top off the pot with a generous layer of mulch to help the plant make the most of the water is has.

The importance of correct watering should ot be underestimated. It' s very easy to get watering wrong with houseplants, and too much or too little will eventually kill the plant. You should be aiming for a consistently damp soil, not too wet, not too dry. press the surface of the soil with your finger to test, if it feels dry, then water. Use a narrow spouted watering can, which has been filled and left until the water is tepid, because cold water may shock the plant. Watch out for signs of trouble, browning leaf tips and sides are a good indication of incorrect watering. It is also a good idea to regularly mist the plant with a hand mister to maintain a humid micro-climate, and to avoid placing the plant in hot areas such as by a radiator where they will dry out more quickly.

Plant feeding is something many people leave until it is too late. If you want to grow plants that are happy and healthy, you must feed them. Your reward for a good feeding regime will be luscious foliage and wonderful flowers. Some feeds are specifically designed for pot plants like Miracle-Gro Pour & Feed.

Plants cannot survive without sufficient light. Light is as essential for your houseplants inside as for plants outside, so you must consider the intensity, duration and quality of light when picking a position for your plant. Make sure that it is able to receive sufficient light for its requirements, as without enough exposure it will be unable to photosynthesize effectively, causing the health of the plant to gradually fade. However, houseplant light requirements differ, for example a spider plant will need natural light, but doesn't like direct sunlight, so it pays to find out exactly what type of light conditions each type of houseplant needs to thrive.

Finally you should be aware of pests and their control. Just because your houseplant is indoors it doesn't mean that it is immune from attack from all kinds of harmful creatures. Whitefly, blackfly, mealy bugs, wooly aphids, these are just some of the insects that could undo all the work you've put into your beautiful houseplants. Application of a systemic insect protector like BugClear Ultra for Pots will provide give cover for up to 3 months.
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