Flowering Tea - A Delightful Gourmet Tea Experience

Flower tea originated in the southwest of Yunnan province of China where they are still prepared today. Flowering tea are often called blooming tea. They are handmade tea bowls made using a blending of gourmet tea and flowers, such as aromatic flowers.
The gourmet tea leaf is compressed and stitched with cotton threads to form a ball like structure. Some may experiment with shape of that of a Mushroom or a simple cone. Some are prepared with blossoms to create refreshing aromas, and the preparations are meticulously dried and oxidized before they are ready for brewing.

The tea is then dipped into a tea pot filled with lukewarm water and it progressively unfurls into a floral structure as the viewers witness an ethereal experience. After being permitted to stand for about three minutes, it is ready to be served to tea drinkers. The gourmet really must be decanted just a few minutes following the opening of the leaves for the best results. The delicate flavors and aromas can be ruined if the tea is permitted to stand any longer than that.

Frequently blooming tea is prepared in a glass teapot or inside a transparent container so viewers can enjoy the show. Some of the flowers that are used in blooming teas are lilies, marigolds, sweet olive, chrysanthemums, peonies, among others. Lychee Nut Flower, Jasmine Pu-Erh, and Lily Fairy Black are just a few of the most popular blooming teas.

The benefits of flower teas with respect to health cannot be overlooked. It not only shoos off fatigues and stress of the drinkers but contributes to reduce fat from the body. Both young and old enjoy this refreshing drink which leaves an aromatic taste long after the first drink is taken.

Another gourmet tea, the Lily Fairy, is a loose tea that blooms into a lovely flower when immersed in water. To make this tea a combination of high quality Black tea, Jasmine, and Lily are used. Between its appearance and its sweet taste, this gourmet tea is very popular for tea drinkers.

While Jasmine has a role to play in nourishing kidney, lungs and liver, Lily has positive effects on our nervous system. The method of preparing the gourmet is similar to that of Jasmine tea. All you need is a pot of hot boiling water in a glass tea pot. Pour one tea at a time in the container and the bud would unfold into a beautiful floral bouquet. This gourmet is only good for around thirty days, in contrast to the Jasmine Pu Erh tea. Anytime after it is prepared this tea can be served with cold water.

Blossoming tea made from Gourmet loose tea leaf make a pleasant gift for your friends whom you wish to surprise on occasions. Its unique appearance and delicious flavor make it a splendid gift to anyone wishing to experiment on delicacies with magnificence.
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